Week 20 – Attracting & Manifesting


I’ve been struggling with my MLM business for various reasons.  All of which I take 100% responsibility for.  It continues to grow….albeit slowly.  With finances dwindling, I had to set out on the task of taking inventory of my liabilities.  I gathered bills, called creditors and made amenable arrangements.  I went to visit a former employer to discuss opportunities, which went well.  I had a peace about the process, results and the decisions I needed to make.

I suddenly realized by doing the proper things, with the proper mental attitude, I was attracting the things I needed.  Not only in the world without, but within.  I felt aware, accomplished AND well organized.  I jumped in my vehicle and remembering it was a new week, I looked at my Franklin Makeover sheet for the attribute I was to observe & practice for the week.  It was……wait for it……”Well Organized!”  I literally laughed out loud, shook my head in disbelief and thanked God for the lesson.


Week 19 – Giving & Forgetting

blueprint  This past week I’ve been working with partners in my business more extensively than in the recent past.  As we discuss their plans & needs, and spend time with business building activities, my mind inevitably wanders to my personal needs.  The thought of my shrinking bank account, and unpaid bill, an undone task that is going unattended because of the time I’m spending elsewhere.  I’m almost immediately snapped back into the “big picture” of life, because of the promises I cite and make to myself each day.  “I promise to give without the expectation of reciprocity, to the channels I enrich……”  And I remember that “when I give – I instantly receive!”  Of course, by helping a business partner succeed, I truly am enriched in a business sense.  But my old blueprint would not have seen it that way.  He’d be evaluating HOW would this enrich me, and HOW MUCH would it enrich me.  Essentially, the dollar or perceived value of that activity is how I would base future activities.  In the recent past, that selfish thought almost instantaneously vanishes.  I’m able to focus on “helping others”…”enriching others”…”giving and receiving simultaneously”…it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and growth.

To the people in my “recent life” that I engage with in this manner, they don’t really know the difference.  To them, it’s who I am.  In fact, I believe some of them don’t necessarily appreciate it, and I’m ok with that.  However, to the people who’ve known that old blueprint me, all or most of my life, there is sometimes a suspicion as to my real motivation.  Especially when a conversation about my business initiates.  For a brief instant I think to myself, “really?  I’m only trying to help you…save your family some money…bring you value…!”  And then I remember it’s like having been an alcoholic or addict.  You spend your entire life creating a hell for you, and those around you.  For some reason, when you spend 90 days in treatment and are “recovering”, you expect others to instantly respond to you as the “new” you.  That’s not human nature.  But….when I continue on a path of giving without the expectation of reciprocity…my true nature and motivation will prove itself.  And if that’s never accepted by those in your past….that’s ok too.  They have their own blueprints to deal with. 


Week 18 – Growth

Going into a “bye week” (suitable description on SB weekend), I reflect on the past 18ish weeks along my journey.  One point that is unmistakable is that there is really no turning back at this point.  Oh, I could discontinue the group.  Or simply float through the remaining weeks as an observer.  But, there is no escaping the awareness of the world within, and its manifestations on the word without.  There’s really no lying to myself.  I guess it would be possible, over time, to allow a glaze of excuses and reasoning cover the truth.  But I believe there would still be a voice, no matter how faint, speaking, beckoning, nay…..screaming to be heard!  “Shed that old blueprint John, and give yourself permission to love your new self!”  I can hear it…..and I am thankful.

Having been through another form of intense treatment nearly 20 years ago, I experienced similar practices of self awareness.  MKMMA is certainly more of where the rubber meets the road.  It is certainly no less directed at preserving a life, however.  The distinct difference is that it’s focused on saving a life that I’m not living yet.  One that lies before me, without lack of abundance, that I simply need to accept and step into.  I am grateful to have been exposed to being exposed.  I am thankful that even the smallest effort to smile at someone, or silently say I love you to someone, when I’d rather think otherwise, can make me smile inside and realize a better me.  The true me.

MKMMA is truly a life saver.  Or a life “creator”, when you think about it.  Even at the times I fail to be my best, the teachings reach deep into my thought to make me aware.  Allow me to forgive myself.  Allow me to love myself….and my future self.  I hereby give myself permission to love my future self….and to be happy!  I deserve to be happy!! 

With all my love…….ME!!

Week 17HJ – Intuition

In the Master Keys Lesson 17, intuition is mentioned often.  One point that really stood out to me was from paragraph 23: “Intuition can be cultivated and developed; in order to do this it must be recognized and appreciated; if the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes, he will come again; the more cordial the welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart.”

I’ve experienced this truth so many times throughout periods of my personal and professional life.  It also relates back to last weeks’ blog, where I speak of the intuition, or “prompting”, to do a kindness for someone.  I believe we can all agree there have been instances in our lives that we are strongly prompted by intuition to do or say something.  And when we do or say that thing, the cause and effect is often made apparent to us and we recognize it as intuition.  Contrarily, we have all experienced that wondering, failing thought when we don’t act upon that intuition, yet recognize that the situation was calling for us to do so.  This is where that passage in paragraph 23 hits its’ mark.  The more we “welcome” our intuitive visitor (recognize and act upon it), the more often he will visit (guide) us.  But if we neglect him (ignore that prompting), the visits become few and far apart.

This really brought intuition to life for me.  It presents itself to me as a living part of ME…a part of the Universe.  A friend who is there to help guide me and bring me closer to my Dharma.  Cool stuff…….

Week 17 – Opportunity lost?

opportunity  I have been challenged to practice and observe Kindness these past two weeks.  And let me tell you, above the noise and distractions of things unkind….Kindness is out there.  Everywhere!  And when I have consciously, purposely offered a kindness…it has enriched me.  One particular instance this past week stood out so glaringly, I felt compelled to share it.  And this wasn’t an example, observation or act of Kindness.  It was the absence of it that stood out.  Allow me to explain.

While I am not working my business, I drive Uber in Milwaukee.  It is a great opportunity, daily, to apply the lessons and principals I am working on to improve my life.  I meet a couple dozen people daily I have never met before.  Some are repeat customers.  I challenge myself to offer a gift, or something of value in our often brief encounters.  This in and of itself is sometimes difficult.  But this past week presented a situation that rung my bell!

I received a ride request from a young, Indian gentlemen.  We have many foreign students in our great city, that attend any one of the 4 colleges here.  This particular young man explained that he needed to go to a particular building to get some help or information so that he could initiate his electricity account for his apartment.  He asked if I knew about this process, or the place I was taking him to.  I explained I did not, but that the person that instructed him from the Electric Company should be correct.  The address was already populated in my GPS, so we drove there.  Upon arrival, the young man asked if I could wait for him and return him to his place.  I drew upon past experience in my head as to the “short” waits I’ve had in the past that may have cost me a better fare than the one I was “waiting” for.  I stated that I could not wait, and that when he finished he could simply request another Uber.  He explained that he had no more data available on his phone and looked at me pleadingly, asking “you can not please wait for me?”  I said I was sorry, but no.  He thanked me and stated “he would figure something out”.

My heart, my mind, my soul simultaneously sighed out of shame, guilt.  I rationalized and bargained with myself…..and drove away.  Waiting for this young gentleman may have cost me a better paying ride, and a few minutes of time waiting.  But NOT waiting may have cost me more.  I prayed for him, and am certain that he was returned to his home safely.

I carry this with me, and will not lose this opportunity again, should it present itself.  I am happy for the prompting, and recognizing the lesson it has taught.  A funny note…..the very next day I received another ride request from someone with the exact name.  This was unusual, as it was a unique Indian name I had never seen before.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to see the young man and shower kindness on him!!  It was NOT him.  Lesson learned.

Week 16 – “How Johnny got his groove back!”


Actively, purposely putting into motion those things we hold to be true has the power to create an avalanche of prosperity.  I’m not speaking monetary, although wealth is an effect of proper thinking and action.  I’m talking about the bliss, the peace, the joy of being a part of what simply makes you happy!  The thing that makes us whole.  Our “groove”….

After what seems to have been a lifetime, I have begun to apply the knowledge I am learning in my business.  And it has exploded a vitality and ambition I’ve been missing for a long time.  I’m not certain if anyone else notices.  But that’s not important at this point.  I do!  And this is an element which will continue to drive my success.  I’m able to discipline myself to implement such simple activities that apply to my POA, and it’s working.  And part of the difference is that I BELIEVE it!  I am exercising my true Purpose, and I am manifesting my true Needs. 

And even with this revelation, nay, revolution….that old blueprint keeps kicking around in my thoughts.  It is a struggle.  But it’s one I’m better prepared to combat today.  I am choosing the future I was meant to thrive in.  I am nature’s greatest miracle.  I am unique.  I’ve got my groove…..

Week 15 – Nothing New…?

I have learned absolutely nothing new this week.  And that’s the good news!  That’s to say that I actually applied the knowledge I’ve accumulated and watched it prove itself out.  It’s been both encouraging, and embarrassing to experience.

I have been failing at achieving, or at least moving forward, with my business.  I read my BPB, DMP, affirmations…..all that great stuff each day.  I proclaim my future self daily, and continue on with my past self’s activities.  I knew I couldn’t proceed with my new life in this manner.  I was refusing to do the activities that would lead me to my success, and holding onto old activities that would steer me further from my Definite Major Purpose.  Every time I would read, affirm, look at or read anything to do with my DMP, I held onto…NO….desperately clung to the hope that these things would eventually manifest themselves.  But…knowledge does NOT apply itself.

I made a decision to reestablish a good habit that is in direct correlation to my PPN’s & DMP, and replace a bad habit with it.  One which is also mentioned in my DMP.  I made a point of actively engaging in the activities for my business, which I have listed in my POA card.  I took the action I know to be vital to my business.  My intent was to make calls to set up appointments with my leader for recruiting.  Instead, upon arriving at our meeting place, the owner of the business (who was on my prospect list) was just exiting.  We started a conversation, my mentor joined the party, and the prospect became a partner!  It was simply amazing.  Since all our time was consumed by sponsoring our new partner, we met the next day to complete the original invitations.  We set appointments with 7 of the 11 people we spoke with.  That’s more success than I’ve ever had in this business.

The specifics of those business activities may not mean anything to the reader.  What I’m attempting to convey is that all the laws that guide our lives.  Substitution, attraction, etc.  When we go through our day without actively regarding these things, we miss the lessons.  We miss the opportunity for bliss.  By applying….actively, consciously applying knowledge, we can share in the results, the effects that shape our world without.  Through thought…through right thinking, we CAN be what we WILL to be.